Are You Doing Your Homework?

In these trying times, is it getting harder to know who to trust? Not if you do your homework!

If you are struggling to find a reliable company – whether it’s for your HVAC needs, or something else – these tips really will pay off:

  • Talk to people – family, friends, co-workers, business associates. They will tell you how it is.
  • Should you trust big ads? The bigger the ad, the more money the company paid for it. This is generally not the way companies should earn your business. It should be given by trust.
  • Surf the web – do they have an internet presence? In today’s time, this is a MUST. Check for them on Facebook, read comments people have made – do they seem to care about what sort of presence they have over the internet?
  • Check out reviews – you don’t need to be a member of Angie’s List for this. Google has it’s own set of reviews, along with Kudzu, Judy’s Book, City Search, Yahoo! The list goes on and on. You want to make sure you get an overall grasp of those reviews. Is there a theme? Don’t let one bad review throw you off, but definitely keep it in mind if you choose to go with that company. This will help you be more observant.
  • Are they legitimate? Do you know if the company should have a license, or specific certification? Do they go above and beyond for ‘extras’? For example, a NATE certification in the HVAC industry is above and beyond the contractors license that is required.

If you have any other suggestions or feedback, we would love to hear from you!

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You’re a Cheap Lady!!!


We just moved to Newnan and called **** company to service our AC [new house]. They sent two young men who were nice, but worked on our unit for three hours and charged us $350 for what they said was faulty wiring and a new thermostat. Also, when I paid for **** company, I asked why the service call did not apply to the work [as most businesses do]. He called me a cheap lady and was basically abusive over the phone. He called me back and said he had a bad day – but no excuse for the poor professional manner. Well, two weeks later, the same thing happened and it turned out to be the outside breaker. We called Progressive Heating and Air – they were honest and told us how to fix it. I will never recommend **** company for ANYTHING!!

– Rebecca S.

And that – ladies and gentlemen, was our technician CALEB – great job Caleb!!!

Mission Statement

Have you read our mission statement? Our goal is:

To provide excellence in service and quality installations in every community we service, with a goal of 100% customer satisfaction. We are committed to quality with prompt, professional service and thorough communication with our customers, and strive to provide a well-rounded workplace for our employees with ongoing training and room for growth.

What is a NATE Technician?

When choosing a contractor to care for your HVAC unit, important factors must be taken into consideration. While a contractor can be licensed or accredited by an organization, the true value lies in if the contractor employs NATE [North American Technician Excellence] certified HVAC technicians. After all, it’s the technician who will be performing the installation or maintenance of your equipment.

What is the difference between a Licensed Contractor and a NATE Certified Technician?

  • Contractors can be licensed or accredited by organizations, but you still may end up with an inexperienced technician at your door. Good questions to ask are: How did the contractor become licensed or accredited? What does that license or accreditation mean?
  • Using a NATE certified tech increases the likelihood that the job gets done right the first time.
  • If you decide to use n accredited contractor, be sure to ask the contractor to send a NATE certified technician to your home or business.
  • For greater piece of mind, ALWAYS ask for NATE.

You can find more information on NATE certified technicians, and other news at HVACR Advice.