Heating FAQ: Part 3, Gas!

Part three of our commonly asked questions….this post is all about gas furnaces.

If I smell gas, what should I do?

– If a gas odor is noted inside your home, the following steps are recommended: All phone calls should be made from outside the home. Do not use the phone inside the home or turn any power or light switches off or on during this time. Then contact 1) the local Fire Department [911], 2) your gas company, and 3) your heating contractor.

I’ve had a gas furnace for many years. Everything seems fine, but I have been getting headaches after being in my home for short periods of time. What should I do?

– Contact one of the three above. A service call may expose a furnace problem needing correction. The single biggest concern is possible carbon monoxide exposure. Fire departments, gas suppliers, and heating contractors should all be able to use testing instruments to verify this problem. Provide an opening [crack window or door] to provide fresh air inside your home while waiting for this to be done.

I’ve always had an electric furnace, but I’m considering replacing it with a new gas furnace. Are they safe? Are they efficient?

– When installed correctly and inspected properly, a gas furnace installation should be safe. The highest efficiency we can offer at this time is 98.2%, which means less than three cents of every dollar spent going out the exhaust. This is a significant savings when compared to teh twenty cents of every dollar loss in an 80% efficiency model, the industry minimum.

How does the furnace type affect the ‘feel’ of the air blowing from the vents?

– All fossil fuel-type furnaces [i.e., gas, oil, coal] produce the warmest air coming out of the registers. Fossil fuel furnaces are more comfortable than heat pumps.

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Are You Doing Your Homework?

In these trying times, is it getting harder to know who to trust? Not if you do your homework!

If you are struggling to find a reliable company – whether it’s for your HVAC needs, or something else – these tips really will pay off:

  • Talk to people – family, friends, co-workers, business associates. They will tell you how it is.
  • Should you trust big ads? The bigger the ad, the more money the company paid for it. This is generally not the way companies should earn your business. It should be given by trust.
  • Surf the web – do they have an internet presence? In today’s time, this is a MUST. Check for them on Facebook, read comments people have made – do they seem to care about what sort of presence they have over the internet?
  • Check out reviews – you don’t need to be a member of Angie’s List for this. Google has it’s own set of reviews, along with Kudzu, Judy’s Book, City Search, Yahoo! The list goes on and on. You want to make sure you get an overall grasp of those reviews. Is there a theme? Don’t let one bad review throw you off, but definitely keep it in mind if you choose to go with that company. This will help you be more observant.
  • Are they legitimate? Do you know if the company should have a license, or specific certification? Do they go above and beyond for ‘extras’? For example, a NATE certification in the HVAC industry is above and beyond the contractors license that is required.

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